Medical Negligence

Unlike some lawyers who handle medical negligence cases, Chaloupka Law founder Maren Lynn Chaloupka is not “out to get” physicians as a profession.

Maren’s grandfather, “Doc Mike” Chaloupka, was a country doctor who practiced family medicine in Callaway, Nebraska. He delivered babies and saved lives around the Nebraska Sandhills for decades. Maren is very proud of her grandfather’s generosity of spirit as a family doctor.

Many of us have a medical hero like Doc Mike in our memories. Maren has the greatest respect for doctors that embody that standard. In most cases – and certainly during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic – doctors, nurses and other health care providers have been American heroes, working hard to restore our health and save our lives.

But no profession is immune from bad actors. We draw a sharp distinction between the medical heroes who work hard to help us, even when the outcome is not what we hope for, versus medical bad actors who do not deserve a free pass from accountability.

Medical sexual predators, for example, do not deserve a free pass from accountability. Arrogant doctors who won’t listen to their patients or their nurses do not deserve a free pass from accountability. Hospitals that won’t pay for enough nurses to take care of their patients do not deserve a free pass from accountability. And any hospital that intimidates an employee out of telling the truth does not deserve a free pass from accountability.

We understand that such cases are different from other personal injury claims. Medical negligence cases can be more complicated; the facts are often based on medical records and expert testimony. At Chaloupka Law, we have the knowledge, experience, and ability to hold health care providers accountable for their actions. Maren, our Scottsbluff medical negligence attorney will advocate for you and your family to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve as a result of your pain, suffering, and violated trust.

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