Premises Liability

Premises liability arises when someone is injured, is assaulted, or dies on a property because of the fault of the property owner or property occupier.

In Nebraska, a victim of premises liability can seek damages against the property owner or property occupier for failing to provide and maintain a safe, secure, and healthy premises. For example:

A store that is part of a retail chain stacks merchandise in an unsafe manner and the merchandise falls on a shopper, breaking the shopper’s hip. The store is then responsible for the shopper’s injury.

Another retailer displays bags of fertilizer for sale inside the store, even though the powdery fertilizer has spilled outside of its bag. A customer cannot see the fertilizer because it is the same color as the tile. She slips, falls, and develops reflex sympathetic dystrophy as a result. The retail chain store is responsible.

A hotel fails to maintain reasonable security to prevent non-guests from accessing guest rooms. When a criminal breaks into a guest room and assaults a guest, the hotel is responsible.

A hospital fails to clear ice from an entrance marked for physically disabled patients. A physically disabled patient falls on that ice and breaks her ankle. The hospital is responsible for making the patient’s physical condition worse due to her injury.

The above are examples of the types of personal injury cases that fall within the category of premises liability. Injuries that victims suffer as a result of property owners failing to make public areas reasonably safe can range from broken bones to brain injuries to sexual assault. Many such injuries are permanent, require expensive medical treatment, or are deadly.

The Nebraska personal injury lawyer at Chaloupka Law, LLC, is experienced in premises liability claims. We can help you secure the damages you are entitled to receive as a result of your injury. You must file a claim in Nebraska within four years from the date the injury occurred.

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