The Bob Chaloupka Kick Ass Trial Skills Seminar
Scheduled for
November 2-3, 2023.

Pictured left to right: Hon. John Gerrard, Darryl Burton, Pamela Mackey, Hon. Joseph Batallion, Hon. Carlton Reeves

Continuing Education for Attorneys 

The Bob Chaloupka Kick Ass Trial Skills Seminar honors Maren’s father, partner and mentor, gathering lawyers of every stripe to enjoy fellowship together while learning from speakers from around the country.

The inspiration behind the annual seminar, the late Bob Chaloupka, was a lifelong learner. He believed that affordable, inspiring continuing legal education was a game changer for attorneys who are deeply committed to their clients and the communities they serve.

Held annually in Bob’s hometown of Scottsbluff, Nebraska, the seminar gives trial lawyers from across the country more tools to succeed in court, whether they are trying a personal injury, family law, criminal law, property law, or other complex cases that are sometimes difficult to win. Together, we brainstorm, learn, motivate, and honor the brave work of those around us. Most importantly, attendees leave feeling more prepared, more confident, and more courageous to win the battles their clients are facing in court.

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Pictured left to right: Hon. Kevin Sharp (Ret.), Hon. Mark Bennett

Every year includes speakers that are among the most respected and inspiring legal minds around, including federal judges, civil defense attorneys, civil plaintiffs’ attorneys, and a man who was wrongfully convicted and exonerated after spending 24 years behind bars. Our extraordinary panel of past speakers include:

• United States District Judge Carlton Reeves, Jackson, Mississippi
• United States District Judge John Gerrard, Lincoln, Nebraska
• United States District Judge Mark Bennett, Sioux City, Iowa
• United States District Judge Joseph Bataillon, Omaha, Nebraska
• United States District Judge Kevin Sharp (Ret.), Nashville, Tennessee
• Trucking liability specialist John Sloan of Longview, Texas
• Civil rights trial legend Milton Grimes of Los Angeles, California
• Criminal defense virtuoso Pamela Mackey of Denver, Colorado
• Wrongfully-convicted exoneree Darryl Burton of Kansas City, Missouri
• Brain injury specialist Tom Metier of Fort Collins, Colorado
• National death penalty authority Cyndy Short of Kansas City, Missouri
• Complex personal injury expert Mel Orchard of Jackson Hole, Wyoming
• Institutional sexual abuse expert Joseph George Jr. of Sacramento, California
• Laura Pena, Pro Bono Counsel at the American Bar Association’s Commission on Immigration
• Birth injury expert Nelson Tyrone of Atlanta, Georgia
• Forensic evidence expert Gerald Soucie of Lincoln, Nebraska
• Juvenile criminal defense authority Jeni Stinson of Denver, Colorado
• Advocate for public defenders Laura O’Sullivan of  Kansas City, Missouri
• Medical malpractice specialist Connie Henderson of Vancouver, Washington
• Felony criminal defense lawyer Doug Stratton of Norfolk, Nebraska
• Centre County District Attorney Bernie Cantorna of State College, Pennsylvania
• Personal injury attorney and focus group consultant Jeff Larrimore of Lempster, New Hampshire
• Innovative personal injury and civil rights attorney Jeff Hill of Colorado Springs, Colorado
• Personal injury and criminal defense lawyer Sean Brown of Steamboat Springs, Colorado
• Complex personal injury and criminal defense lawyer Francisco Duarte of Bellevue, Washington
• Personal injury defense specialist Steve Olsen of Scottsbluff, Nebraska
• Felony criminal defense lawyer and attorney-trainer Keeley Blanchard of Greenville, Michigan
• Personal injury and insurance bad faith expert Bob Dawson of Seattle, Washington
• Creative personal injury attorney Ron Estefan of Houston, Texas
• Death penalty expert Terry Lenamon of Miami, Florida
• Consumer rights specialist David Humphreys of Tulsa, Oklahoma
• Consumer rights specialist Luke Wallace of Tulsa, Oklahoma
• Personal injury lawyer and creative communications expert Ken Turek of San Diego, California
• Medical malpractice defense specialist Scott Ortiz of Casper, Wyoming
• Complex criminal defense lawyer Frank Mungo of Covington, Kentucky
• Personal injury lawyer and specialist in consortium damages Render Freeman of Atlanta, Georgia
• Federal criminal defense specialist Carlos Monzon of Lincoln, Nebraska
• Ferocious public defender Zaki Zehawi of Madison, Wisconsin
• Felony and post-conviction specialist Paul Ford of Jonesboro, Arkansas
• Relentless researcher and medical negligence specialist Paula Elliott Estefan of Houston, Texas
• Personal injury trial lawyer Eric Fong of Port Orchard, Washington