Mental Illness/PTSD

Maren Lynn Chaloupka has developed expertise in cases involving mental illness and the psychological effects of trauma. Mental illness and post-traumatic stress disorder can bring people and their loved ones into contact with the legal system in many ways, such as:

• Criminal cases, in which mental illness and/or post-traumatic stress disorder is a defense to a person’s actions;

• Civil rights cases involving refusal to provide mental health care in jail or prison;

• Failure to prevent suicide at mental health treatment facilities;

• Failure to prevent suicide in jail or prison;

• Failure to prevent escape or elopement from group homes and mental health treatment facilities;

• Sexual abuse or exploitation by mental health providers;

• Sexual abuse or exploitation in group homes and mental health treatment facilities;

•Abuse of mentally ill persons by law enforcement or correctional officers;

• Other cases in which mental illness makes people vulnerable to abuse and neglect.

In personal injury cases, traumatic injuries can leave a person with anxiety, depression and post-traumatic stress disorder. Sexual assault in negligently-maintained buildings and businesses, and sexual assault committed by trusted professionals and authority figures, changes every remaining day of life for the survivor of the assault.

Maren brings compassion, kindness and understanding to the representation of people who live with illness and their families. With her substantial experience, access to first-rate experts, and knowledge of helpful resources, Maren is the right attorney to handle cases involving the complexity and sensitivity of mental illness and post-traumatic stress disorder.

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