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Grief is the universal response to loss. Not only is grief associated with the death of a loved one, but it can also derive from the loss of the life we once had or the life we will never have. Loss is at its most painful – its most traumatic – when it’s the result of someone else’s behavior, actions, or negligence. It may be a serious injury that will never heal; abuse, neglect or abandonment by government officials; the reverberation of physical or sexual assault, or the unfathomable pain of a wrongful conviction.

Some losses bring emotional, physical, and financial challenges that can make
moving forward feel nearly impossible. As Bob Chaloupka would say, some losses are “too much to walk away from.”

Chaloupka Law LLC works tirelessly to help our clients recover from losses they shouldn’t have to walk away from. We have the skill set, the training, and the work ethic our clients need to ensure their voices are heard. Victims of betrayal and wrongdoing need compensation – and accountability – from those who harmed them. That’s why we’re here.

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