Appellate litigation is a highly-specialized area of the law that can seem intimidating to many lawyers. An appeal involves:

  • Technically perfecting your appeal in the first place;
  • Followed by exhaustive legal research;
  • Drafting and editing the arguments for a legal brief;
  • Ensuring that your brief complies with the technical requirements of the
    appellate court;
  • Studying and preparing to respond to the arguments in your opponent’s
  • Filing any necessary motions before the appellate court, and responding to
    any motions filed by your opponent (or orders from the appellate court);
  • Preparing for oral argument before the panel of appellate judges;
  • The oral argument itself, during which the appellate judges may interrupt
    with questions at any time;
  • After the appellate court issues its decision, filing any necessary motions for
    rehearing or rehearing en banc, or preparing a petition for certiorari.

If a lawyer is unfamiliar with this process, they may prefer to contact a specialist who is experienced in appellate litigation to handle their client’s appeal. Our appellate litigation attorney, Maren Lynn Chaloupka can step in with the resources and experience you need to protect your client’s rights before the appeals court.

Now the founder of Chaloupka Law, Maren’s appellate experience began with her service as a judicial clerk to Chief Justice C. Thomas White of the Nebraska Supreme Court in its 1995-96 term. Since then, she has handled over 80 state and federal appeals in civil and criminal cases, including original actions seeking writs of mandamus and writs of prohibition.

Maren is admitted to practice before the United States Supreme Court. Her extensive appellate experience can elevate the professional content and presentation of your appeal.

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